Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall has Arrived

I LOVE summer.
I love the smells of summer, the warm sun on my face, family bbqs, boating at the lake, ice cream, fresh produce...and I could go on & on.
This summer seemed to fade (actually, I thought it more of dragging) into Fall, and I found myself wishing and wanting the cooler weather. Each time I got my sweaters, leggings, boots and scarves out--Summer wasn't ready to leave and I needed to dig into the back of my closet to get my summer dresses, the whole way into October!
As much as I LOVE summer, there are some pretty great things about Fall as well!

Crisp Air
Leggings & Boots
Hot Apple Cider
Colorful Falling Leaves
Hot Chocolate
Corn Mazes
Apple Pie
Black Friday Shopping

Decorating relaxes me, I arrange and rearrange and then normally move everything around again. I look through my decor in my basement to find 'forgotten treasures'. After buying lots of pumpkins at Brummers Happy Breeze Farm in Port Royal, I decorated my porch and then moved into my living room.

And my living room...

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