Saturday, August 9, 2014

Girls Nautical Birthday Party

My baby girl is TWO! (well almost...
...since I am 8 months pregnant I decided to have her birthday 
party a month early just in case this little boy decides to make 
his appearance sooner than expected)

I think I started planning this nautical themed party almost as soon as her 
first birthday was over. What can I say, I need a lot of time to 
plan, create, and continue to create up until the actual day.

The weather report the week before her birthday party was looking
pretty rainy, each day I continued to check the chance of rain & as the week wore
on I needed to decide whether to reschedule or change the location. 
The original plan was to have the party at my husband's parents pond (a perfect
location for a nautical party) in the end I decided it was more important to 
have  the people who play a huge part in Grace's life there,
than at the perfect location.
So, my parents awesome wrap around porch it was-we still had a view of a pond anyways! did end up pouring, so thankfully we had a roof over our heads!

I bought very little that was already assembled, this party was almost 100% DIY.
Enjoy the overload of photos.

(Click an image to enlarge!)

Table setting & Tablescape!

Each place setting had a paper boat made from scrapbook paper.
These took more time than any other project. But those little sails
were so worth it!

Paper straws need tags. & if you are wrapping your silverware,
why not add an anchor?

The centerpieces were simple. Easy to put together and added
that sand every nautical party needs.

 I bought wooden boat kits at michales for $1
painted them white
and added my own sails to them.

Drink station to suit everyone's thirst.

I love chalk art!

Pinwheels are super easy & add a splash of color in unexpected places!

Nacho bar!

Bought this ladder shelf at a yardsale for a few
dollars a couple weeks ago (for the nursery)
 & it turned out to be the perfect stand for
the bags of chips for the nacho bar!

Embellishments make everything better.

Messages in a bottle for Grace. 
Coffee stained the paper to make it look old.

Food labels are more for decoration than the practicality. 

This cousin hug turned into more of a dance than a hug.

Food spread.

These flag toothpick holders were easy to put together and super cute!

I think she's enjoying her mason jar cup & punch.

S'more Bar!

These starfish and sand dollar were made out of air drying clay.

Gourmet S'mores, what not to love! 
Terracotta pots lined in foil and filled with charcoal are the perfect solution
when you don't have a campfire handy. (Warning: they need to be lit well in
advance to get hot enough to roast the marshmallows
 & the pots get VERY HOT) 

Possibly my favorite DIY project from the whole party. A personalized
I wrapped a "hay" wreath (from michaels) in burlap, added the
white rope and glued on the letters cut out on the cricuit.
(That description makes it sound easier than it really was..but
it was worth it!)

I found this dress on and knew it would be perfect!

Double kisses from mommy and daddy, may or may not be her favorite.

Sometimes the simplest details are the cutest.

 I hope you enjoyed my little girl's 2nd birthday party. I also hope I inspired you to do some of your
own DIYs. 
Pin Away! & leave me comments, I love reading your thoughts.