Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kraft Paper Christmas Wrap

Presents under the Christmas tree are nice.
Beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree, are....
hmmm, I am having trouble coming up with a word
that actually defines how awesome they are...
They are:
a conversation starter, a focal point of the room,
an "Ahhh" piece, a special little something to give to 
those you love.
Somehow that still doesn't describe how much I loved having these 
under my tree for the short time they were there.

A few of my favorite craft supplies & go-to's for decorating my house
and parties this year were:
Burlap (I love burlap, for everything!)
Twine (again, so versatile!)
White Paint

To make all of those things flow together, all I needed was some
brown Kraft paper!

(This tree skirt {actually its a piece of material I bought 4 years ago
meaning to sew into a tree skirt & never felt like it, so it just gets 
wrapped around the tree} needs to go. I am so glad
I had these pretty packages to cover it up. I am thinking a ruffle
burlap tree skirt is a project before next year:) )

To make the dots I used a white ink pad and a pencil with
a slightly used eraser on the end.
Dip the eraser in the ink for each dot & "stamp".

 Washi Tape is so fun, and comes in A LOT of different
colors and patterns. I found mine at Michaels.

I bought a paint pen (Michaels again!) and covered
the box in writing. 

These adorable paper lace doilies were left over from
Grace's birthday party. Can you guess where I bought them?
Yep, Michaels! They are actually in the baking isle and come in
an assortment of sizes.

This gift wrap could be used all year round. Instead of using red ribbon, 
swap it out for another color. Write "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" all
over a box, instead of "let is snow". 
I think this would be a beautiful wedding present!

I hope I inspired you!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paper Bag & Burlap Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are beautiful. 
They are Christmas traditions. 
They allow families to take a moment out of the hustle and bustle
and create a memory.

I wanted to create all that for my family. Here is my version of an advent calendar. 

My plan was to put an activity in each bag leading
up to Christmas. I am going to be honest, I failed. With a 15 month old
who won't even sit still to read a book to, activities were hard to come up with.
We have a done a few, but some days-I just had to enjoy looking at
this display without the doing!

Grace does love books, so I bought 6 Christmas books and wrapped
them. That was our activity for 6 of the days!
We also had hot chocolate and popcorn in front of the Christmas
tree one evening before bed. (if you don't already 
know, Grace also loves this was a
 favorite one for her!)
I made M&M cookies and put in a bag (now this one is 
Drew's favorite!). A few years from now, or maybe 
even next year this can change to a cookie decorating day!

The best thing about making your own advent calendar-you can make the
activities whatever you want them to be! Drive around and look at Christmas
lights, go caroling, build a snowman, watch a Christmas movie (this was on my
list until our tv broke), read the Christmas story, open a gift, etc. 
Just enjoy being a family!

 The clothes pins I covered in lace for Grace's birthday party (maybe you
remember seeing them on my earlier blog post?) I thought
they fit this theme perfectly!

I made these burlap bows with a lace accent! These are perfect for 
Christmas, a country wedding, a shabby chic birthday party & lots
of other events! DIY instructions to come!

As I started receiving cards in the mail, they took the place of the days
 that had already passed. I am hoping by the 24th I have enough cards to fill the whole thing!

My family Christmas card.

I want to hear about your family Christmas traditions too!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Christmas Snowglobes

I LOVE decorating for Christmas. Getting my boxes of decorations out is like unwrapping presents-I don't remember what I all I have packed away. There is something about taking down all of my normal/regular/starting to get bored of stuff & getting to create a new space. When it's Christmas, each time I walk into my living room I smile--that's how I want my house to be all year round! Today I put together a quick little craft--DIY Snow globes!

What you will need:
-Jars (I used my pasta jars, but you could use mason jars, jelly jars, etc)
-Small Christmas trees in varying heights (I found mine at Walmart ranging from .75-$2!)
-Epson Salt for snow
-Pine Cones (mine are painted & sparkled to look like glittering snow!!)
-Hot glue gun
-Paper & Scissors

Cut a circle out of the paper a little bigger than the inside of your lid.
When put down in the lid it shouldn't move.
(If you are using a jar that you don't mind if the lid is ruined-glue it right to the lid!)

Glue your tree to the paper, and the pine cone to your tree, about a half inch up on the tree.
 (if you glue it on the paper it will get covered by the "snow")

 Add your salt to the jar & screw the lid on.

For the jar that only has pine cones in I just shook them around
 until they were placed how I wanted them)

Want to make these gorgeous sparkly snow covered pine cones?!!!

You will need:
-Pine cones
-Wite Out
-Spray Adhesive
-White Glitter

 Boring, regular pine cone.

 Paint all of the tips on the pine cone using the brush in the Wite Out.
I originally started using white Puffy Paint but that was taking forever, I also like the look of the Wite Out better.
(sorry this is a bad picture)

 Once all of the tips on the pine cone is painted, spray the entire pine cone with the Spray Adhesive.
Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter on while still wet.

I made about 50+ of these in varying sizes for a Christmas party I am helping decorate for.
I believe after the party I may add them onto my Christmas tree, or garlands I have around the house!

As always, feel free to PIN it!