Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paper Bag & Burlap Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are beautiful. 
They are Christmas traditions. 
They allow families to take a moment out of the hustle and bustle
and create a memory.

I wanted to create all that for my family. Here is my version of an advent calendar. 

My plan was to put an activity in each bag leading
up to Christmas. I am going to be honest, I failed. With a 15 month old
who won't even sit still to read a book to, activities were hard to come up with.
We have a done a few, but some days-I just had to enjoy looking at
this display without the doing!

Grace does love books, so I bought 6 Christmas books and wrapped
them. That was our activity for 6 of the days!
We also had hot chocolate and popcorn in front of the Christmas
tree one evening before bed. (if you don't already 
know, Grace also loves this was a
 favorite one for her!)
I made M&M cookies and put in a bag (now this one is 
Drew's favorite!). A few years from now, or maybe 
even next year this can change to a cookie decorating day!

The best thing about making your own advent calendar-you can make the
activities whatever you want them to be! Drive around and look at Christmas
lights, go caroling, build a snowman, watch a Christmas movie (this was on my
list until our tv broke), read the Christmas story, open a gift, etc. 
Just enjoy being a family!

 The clothes pins I covered in lace for Grace's birthday party (maybe you
remember seeing them on my earlier blog post?) I thought
they fit this theme perfectly!

I made these burlap bows with a lace accent! These are perfect for 
Christmas, a country wedding, a shabby chic birthday party & lots
of other events! DIY instructions to come!

As I started receiving cards in the mail, they took the place of the days
 that had already passed. I am hoping by the 24th I have enough cards to fill the whole thing!

My family Christmas card.

I want to hear about your family Christmas traditions too!