Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Christmas Snowglobes

I LOVE decorating for Christmas. Getting my boxes of decorations out is like unwrapping presents-I don't remember what I all I have packed away. There is something about taking down all of my normal/regular/starting to get bored of stuff & getting to create a new space. When it's Christmas, each time I walk into my living room I smile--that's how I want my house to be all year round! Today I put together a quick little craft--DIY Snow globes!

What you will need:
-Jars (I used my pasta jars, but you could use mason jars, jelly jars, etc)
-Small Christmas trees in varying heights (I found mine at Walmart ranging from .75-$2!)
-Epson Salt for snow
-Pine Cones (mine are painted & sparkled to look like glittering snow!!)
-Hot glue gun
-Paper & Scissors

Cut a circle out of the paper a little bigger than the inside of your lid.
When put down in the lid it shouldn't move.
(If you are using a jar that you don't mind if the lid is ruined-glue it right to the lid!)

Glue your tree to the paper, and the pine cone to your tree, about a half inch up on the tree.
 (if you glue it on the paper it will get covered by the "snow")

 Add your salt to the jar & screw the lid on.

For the jar that only has pine cones in I just shook them around
 until they were placed how I wanted them)

Want to make these gorgeous sparkly snow covered pine cones?!!!

You will need:
-Pine cones
-Wite Out
-Spray Adhesive
-White Glitter

 Boring, regular pine cone.

 Paint all of the tips on the pine cone using the brush in the Wite Out.
I originally started using white Puffy Paint but that was taking forever, I also like the look of the Wite Out better.
(sorry this is a bad picture)

 Once all of the tips on the pine cone is painted, spray the entire pine cone with the Spray Adhesive.
Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter on while still wet.

I made about 50+ of these in varying sizes for a Christmas party I am helping decorate for.
I believe after the party I may add them onto my Christmas tree, or garlands I have around the house!

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