Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Christmas Banquet

A friend and I were asked to decorate for a local business's Christmas banquet. We didn't even have to discuss it with each other, we knew we wanted to do it. Immediately I started brainstorming and looking for ideas. Planning parties and decorating for them is one of my favorite things to do! Our theme was, natural/woodsy-winter land.
Here's what we came up with!

The food table at the front of the room would be 
something everyone would see,
so we wanted a stunning focal point.

I am loving plaid this season & i think this throw pulls the 
whole room together, and gives it a comfy home-y feel.

These "snow" covered pine cones really added
to the decor. If you missed my post on how to make
them, go back a few & check it out! How perfect for all 
winter long!

We love re purposing previously used
things, like these twine wrapped vases!
I used them for Grace's first birthday, but with twigs
instead of flowers- they give a completely
different look!

We used two different centerpieces on the tables.
First, these white vases, with a tea light candle in them.

They were easy to make, time consuming, but easy!
Again, these were used prior to the banquet. My mom
and I made them for my brother's wedding. It wasn't a winter wedding,
so you can see how versatile decorations can be!

The second decorations for the tables were log
candle holders.

 Can anything else say Woodsy Christmas like these do?!
My brothers made me a few sets of these!

Before walking into the room the banquet was held,
we set up this display, welcoming the guests.

A mini Winter Wonderland City Park!
(The business sells Case tractors, if you were
wondering what it had anything to do with Christmas!)

Chalkboard on a log!
I actually put that tractor on there,
I didn't say draw, because I didn't free hand it.
But I did use my hand and a piece of chalk to get it there.
Curious as to how its so perfect? 
I will do a post on it later:)

Get some new ideas for your own 
Christmas party next year? 
Or even for your house?
Let me know if you plan to use any of these for yourself! 
I love hearing from you!

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