Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

My Christmas decorations have been packed 
away now for almost two weeks,
but I still wanted to share it with you all!

Lanterns are everywhere right now,
and I joined right in with the trend. I have
a few, and they get used in just about every
season of the year.

I wasn't sure how my mint (previously black) stand
would work for Christmas, I surprisingly really liked it! 

 After having a fireplace, I never want to not have one.
I love decorating my fireplace. We never actually
burn wood in it, but I think candles can be
just as cozy!

My Willow Tree nativity is definitely one of my
favorite Christmas decorations.

If you've been following my posts, you've seen this
log slab chalkboard before (it had a tractor on).
I love the woodsy feel it adds!

 I haven't changed my fireplace Christmas decorations
for a few years, I just don't think I can find anything
I love as much. Its so cozy & inviting.

My tree! Those awesome white twine balls,
yep, I made them!

I saw a wreath I loved, but I couldn't bring myself to spend
$30 on it. Instead I used a cheap plain green wreath
and glued berries & my sparkle pine cones on it. I added
a big silver bow and came up with this! I think
I spent less than $10 on this one and I like it just as much,
or possibly more,
than the one I saw in the store!
The wreath on the mirror-a finishing touch!

 Another chalkboard sign I did. Although
with the technique I use, I don't have to 
free hand everything, it still took me well over
and hour!

Although I am sad Christmas has come and gone so 
quickly for another year. I am ready for
some warm spring weather.
Until then, I think will get a REALLY
early jump start on planning Grace's 2nd 
Birthday Party! (as in 7 months early!)

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  1. Your pictures are just as beautiful as the real thing was! I enjoyed looking at it all again.