Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pink, Grey & White Nursery. Owl & Elephant Themed.

This nursery is not the one I originally planned. 
I spent hours "researching" and designing a completely different theme.
I wanted to find out what we were having, my husband didn't. I thought
I wasn't going to know if I was having a baby boy or girl until I actually 
had it. So, I started brainstorming a gender-neutral nursery.
Both of our families have a majority of boys. We honestly thought that we 
were having a boy.
I had a grey & yellow nursery "You Are My Sunshine" theme in mind.
Looking back now, I definitely wouldn't have been happy with that
for my baby girl!
When we went to our 20 week ultrasound, Drew surprised me and said
we could find out the sex! An even bigger surprise came when the 
tech said "its a girl!" I actually asked her if she was sure, I just
couldn't make it register in my head! 

After finding out we were going to be blessed with a girl,
I set to work coming up with a completely different room.

Owls? or Elephants? was my big dilemma. I couldn't decide,
so I went with both!
A lot of this nursery was built by Drew, made by me, or passed
down from someone else.
Nursery decor is expensive- make sure to shop around,
see what you can make yourself, and try to find a coupon!

Cribs are expensive, and there are so many to choose from.
I found mine at a very decent price at Burlington Coat Factory, plus I 
had a 20% off coupon! 

"I'll love your forever..." My mom used to read
this book to us and I knew I wanted it incorporated 
into the nursery.

I never knew how many options there were for crib bedding, and I
never knew how picky I could be about it. I quite possibly
could have looked at 1000+ bedding designs.
Even after looking so much, I still hadn't found THE ONE.
I actually spent some time looking at fabric, thinking my grandma
might have to make the perfect bedding.
 I finally found this light pink polka dot & floral print at The Land of Nod.

I've seen the ladder shelf in high end stores, for high end prices.
My awesome hubby made this one, in ONE day!

For my baby shower, it was "bring a book, instead of a card". What a perfect
way to start off a babies book collection!

Grace's Gigi knitted this adorable owl.

Lot's of people helped make this elephant pull toy (although the 
string hasn't been attached yet). My mom cut out the elephant shape
and ears, Drew made the base and wheels that roll & I painted it.

This owl bank is so cute!

This might be the only thing in the whole room that I already had.
Drew bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago and I never got around
to filling it with pictures, I think its perfect for a nursery though!

My Rockasan from Pier 1 is awesome. It's amazing to sit in
by MYSELF. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this as your nursery
rocking chair though. It's hard to get in and out of when holding a newborn
at 2 or 3am in the morning. I would tell you to buy one for your living
room if you have the space!
Drew's uncle made this changing table
for his mom when he was born. We updated it
with a coat of white paint & new hardware.

I found this stand at a yard sale and immediately
knew I wanted to make it into a diaper holder with extra
storage for blankets/burp cloths and rattles. I painted the frame 
and baskets white
and my grandma sewed basket liners.

With the fabric leftover from other projects I made this
frilly banner for on the mirror above the changing table.

The lamp behind the rockasan was bought at a local
used furniture store. I painted the stand white and recovered the
shade with the same fabric used for the closet curtain. 

My grandma sewed the curtains for the closet,
I didn't want to have to use those rolling doors
that fall off the tracks and make loud creaking noises!

I bought 3 square white canvases and wrapped them in fabric.
After cutting out the circles and elephant shapes I modge podged them
onto the canvas.

Grace's nursery is my favorite room in the house. It's the only room we took the time to paint (we painted our last rented house & decided its not worth all the time and fuss for a house that's not yours). Everything in the room was handpicked by ME (or a loved one) after hours of researching and crafting. Its how I wanted it (well mostly, if it were my house I would paint the trim white, change the receptacle covers, add a chandelier and change the carpet color--but again, its not my house!), I didn't just move things in from other parts of the house, I made sure it was perfect for my princess!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

My Christmas decorations have been packed 
away now for almost two weeks,
but I still wanted to share it with you all!

Lanterns are everywhere right now,
and I joined right in with the trend. I have
a few, and they get used in just about every
season of the year.

I wasn't sure how my mint (previously black) stand
would work for Christmas, I surprisingly really liked it! 

 After having a fireplace, I never want to not have one.
I love decorating my fireplace. We never actually
burn wood in it, but I think candles can be
just as cozy!

My Willow Tree nativity is definitely one of my
favorite Christmas decorations.

If you've been following my posts, you've seen this
log slab chalkboard before (it had a tractor on).
I love the woodsy feel it adds!

 I haven't changed my fireplace Christmas decorations
for a few years, I just don't think I can find anything
I love as much. Its so cozy & inviting.

My tree! Those awesome white twine balls,
yep, I made them!

I saw a wreath I loved, but I couldn't bring myself to spend
$30 on it. Instead I used a cheap plain green wreath
and glued berries & my sparkle pine cones on it. I added
a big silver bow and came up with this! I think
I spent less than $10 on this one and I like it just as much,
or possibly more,
than the one I saw in the store!
The wreath on the mirror-a finishing touch!

 Another chalkboard sign I did. Although
with the technique I use, I don't have to 
free hand everything, it still took me well over
and hour!

Although I am sad Christmas has come and gone so 
quickly for another year. I am ready for
some warm spring weather.
Until then, I think will get a REALLY
early jump start on planning Grace's 2nd 
Birthday Party! (as in 7 months early!)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Christmas Banquet

A friend and I were asked to decorate for a local business's Christmas banquet. We didn't even have to discuss it with each other, we knew we wanted to do it. Immediately I started brainstorming and looking for ideas. Planning parties and decorating for them is one of my favorite things to do! Our theme was, natural/woodsy-winter land.
Here's what we came up with!

The food table at the front of the room would be 
something everyone would see,
so we wanted a stunning focal point.

I am loving plaid this season & i think this throw pulls the 
whole room together, and gives it a comfy home-y feel.

These "snow" covered pine cones really added
to the decor. If you missed my post on how to make
them, go back a few & check it out! How perfect for all 
winter long!

We love re purposing previously used
things, like these twine wrapped vases!
I used them for Grace's first birthday, but with twigs
instead of flowers- they give a completely
different look!

We used two different centerpieces on the tables.
First, these white vases, with a tea light candle in them.

They were easy to make, time consuming, but easy!
Again, these were used prior to the banquet. My mom
and I made them for my brother's wedding. It wasn't a winter wedding,
so you can see how versatile decorations can be!

The second decorations for the tables were log
candle holders.

 Can anything else say Woodsy Christmas like these do?!
My brothers made me a few sets of these!

Before walking into the room the banquet was held,
we set up this display, welcoming the guests.

A mini Winter Wonderland City Park!
(The business sells Case tractors, if you were
wondering what it had anything to do with Christmas!)

Chalkboard on a log!
I actually put that tractor on there,
I didn't say draw, because I didn't free hand it.
But I did use my hand and a piece of chalk to get it there.
Curious as to how its so perfect? 
I will do a post on it later:)

Get some new ideas for your own 
Christmas party next year? 
Or even for your house?
Let me know if you plan to use any of these for yourself! 
I love hearing from you!